Angry Writing (?)

One of the thing that I do when I got high tempramen (maybe called –tantrum in toddler) was writing. Yap. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week beside my lil girl sometimes make me have a high blood tension. Not her mistake. I know that. There was no a naughty child, their parents just need more patience.. But, trully sometimes when I got so tired, I couldn’t ask anyone to help me taking her for a while. Then I want to scream out, but of course I can’t. Writing help me so much..

What kind of topic that I write?
* Everything. It can be about my emotion at that time that I told to my husband maybe just got a flat comment like: sabar ya. Badly, I don’t need —sabar ya. Like a volcano mountain then I need explotion. Roaaaaarrrrrrrr. ๐Ÿ˜€ So,my expression will like: bete deh. aku sedang bete. Yaaa,, sounds like abg-diary.. and of couse, I will not publish that on this blog or my facebook/whatssapp status. I can show wiser — hohoho

*Finish my draft
It common happens, you get an idea then you write. But, it doesn’t finish. Growing up like hypha of fungi. Hahahaha. Waiting time to harvest. Poor you. So, just re-read my draft, finish and publish or save them as memories ๐Ÿ™‚

* List some groceries
Yes. Then I will try to remember. Any things need to buy? Check shampoo, soap, oil, sugar, diapers, milk, yoghurt, fruit, margarine etc

* Plan a cooking menu
For tonight dinner or our tomorrow breakfast. Check the refrigerator (that mini refrigerator), and think what kind of menu that can be served. Although I often found an empty refrigerator, hahaha, yaa because I didn’t go the market. ๐Ÿ˜€ So, just write: I want eat capcay tonight. Or pecel lele? Or bakso? hihihi

Nah, a very useful angry right?? ๐Ÿ˜€
Hope to help you to manage your bad mood too ๐Ÿ˜‰

aLL about BT

apa aJa?o_kyaa00

ada kondisi-kondisi yang membuatku BT nggak karuan:

1/ Menunggu, menunggu hal yang pasti ataupun hal yang tidak pasti. Apalagi kalau sesuatu yang ditunggu itu nggak tau kalau sedang kutunggu

2/ Disalahin sama orang, padahal aku nggak ngerasa salah

3/ Kadang-kadang kalo ngelihat orang yang terlalu heboh sendiri. Ini berlaku kalau akunya juga punya mood yang ga bagus

4/ Berada dalam kondisi yang tidak diharapkan. Misal tiba-tiba beda pendapat dengan orang lain

5/ Lagi ga suka sama seseorang dan orang itu tambah ‘nyala-nyala’ (nyala-nyala apa ya artinya, kira-kira artinya …??? Mungkin bahasa indonesianya menyulut api permasalahan kali yak…)

6/ Tidak tau penyebab BTku sendiri. Ini adalah sebuah kondisi yang aku sebut BT GJ. BT dengan penyebab yang tak dapat didefinisikan dengan baik.

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Guys, do you want to know what will I do now? here are some activities that most wanted at this night…

1/ See the result of election, wanna see who will be the winner…

2/ I want bit a human, hhh… Maybe I must write: “Don’t touch, danger!!!”

3/ I want to go to the beach, then scream over there ’till I get my mood back happily… Arrggghhh…

4/ I want leave my “easygoing” character, it made me in some problems long-long ago… Then, I realize, I get bored with all of this…

5/ Iย don’t want leave out my room, I want still here, ’till few days later, I don’t want to connet with other person, no handphone, wanna delete my account on fs and fb… Just wanna write here… It will be better to say each word to my compie, no complain and no friction… Good…

6/ I want sayย  “hello” to everyone, in this world, too many problem that must be faced, just look into yourself, are you one of the problem maker? please, look at the mirror, and ask yourself, don’t judge other person first, maybe the problem is made by yourself….

the POINT is I get my bad mood again… Hhhh…