untuk dikenang suatu saat nanti #2

Our Love Story πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
Anniversary? 24/3

First date? Entah makab bareng entah maen di tempat cem timezone gtu deh

How did you first met? Pas gempa waktu Kantor ayah masih di Jl.Asia Afrika Bandung

What is β€œyour song” together? If You’re Not The One-Daniel B, When You Say Nothing At All-Ronan K

Do you remember the first movie? Lupa.Nonton di BSM, yang sekarang jadi Trans Mall Bandung

First road trip together? Ke Jatim laah

Do you have kids? Yes

Which of you is Older? Ayah

Who was interested first?huahaha,ummi kata riris

More sensitive?ummi klo lgi pms πŸ˜…

Worst temper? So-So

Who is the funniest? Ummi lah

More social? ummi lah

More stubborn? sama kyknya

Wakes up first? ummi kadang ayah

Has the bigger family? ummi

Eat the most? ayah,klo camilan ummi sama kakak

Who said I love you first? Ayah laaah

Holds the remote? ayah

Better cook? ummi

More romantic? ummi

Lebih lama di toilet? ayah



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