Last sunday, I didn’t know what happened. Suddenly, I felt discomfort on my right knee. There was a bone that didn’t back to its place well. I often called it: kecekluk. Owh. So painful. I realized that support my body with only one knee was a hard job. Uyeah. —sa’karung beras boo
Ok, first take some strechings.
-turn the body resting on knees. to the right 8 times. to the left 8 times.
-turn clockwise the right ankle 8 times and counter clockwise 8 times

Second, do a simple massage. turn the patella while feeling the painful part (my mama said diunyeng-unyeng πŸ˜€ )

Alhamdulillaah, now I have back my knees πŸ™‚


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