If I Can, I Will …

I’ll tell you about a man in my life,
A man that really love me and I am too late realize about it… (Always and always too late)
And then I just can send my pray for him…


When I was child,
He put a blanket to my body when I sleep,
After tomorrow come, I asked him who put the blanket?
I didn’t know he said


In other time, he accompanied me doing my homework
Even I felt so sleepy and didn’t know more what to do,
So, I just cry, and say: I didn’t know what must I done and I wanted to sleep now…
I just a child at that time…
I never thought that you have done your job after a day, and must be back to the office tomorrow morning
And you still with me in this night to help me do my homework


Another day, I studied in my room,
Then you come to know what I’m doing,
You just slept in my bed,
I felt like an adult woman and didn’t want anyone disturb me,
I said,
Dad, I wanted to study
Then please, left me alone in my room…
You just smiled and maybe said in your heart,
Ow, my little girl just growth old…
And you entered your room…


If I know you will leave me just few years after that,
I will be a good girl
I will allow you behind me whenever I go
Actually, every word that you say
Every angry,
Every smile,
Every advice,
All of that, showed that you really happy to be my dad
And I don’t understand it,
Because I’m still young and so naughty


Dear Lord, please tell to my dad…
That I really love my dad…
Dear Lord please loves him, as he loves me…


So, to all of you that still have parents, your mom and your dad, just say it as much as you can

Because you never know how I feel now, just the regret after all

Even if you can’t do that, show with your action that you really love them


Okay, thanks… And I hope this post useful for you…


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