Time Heals Everything

Nice, four thumbs up. I saw this sentence first in a Korean movie: A Moment to Remember. I ever made this movie as movie of the month because of the story was so beautiful and nature. Then made me cry and cry. Ahaha…
Yeah, time heals everything.
Not drug. Not other person. Not yourself. But time.
I’m very like with this sentence: time heals everything.
Yeah, if you feel so bored with everything, believe me it’s only about time.
Everything will be ok after a while. Except you don’t allow yourself to be a happy person.
If you feel this life likes hell, it’s just your thought.
The situation is not really as you imagine.
Then the important thing is say to yourself that you’re not the poorest person in the world.
Don’t act too much.
Yeah, if you still can’t treat your pain because you can’t make reconciliation with your heart, just wait the time.
Time will heal everything.
I know if we nail up on a wall, you’ll see the hole although you’ve removed it…
But, I say one more:
Time heals everything.

5 thoughts on “Time Heals Everything

  1. Alhamdulilah, sudah menguasai banyak bahasa (Jawa, Sunda, Madura, Indonesia, Inggris)

    ayo donk… posting pake bahasa Arab ?? 😛

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