Little Crab

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This was story about little crab
Actually, little crab wanna be the green one
It had two big eyes, like star
“twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are”
Always smile, smile …
Never sad,
No cry,
No tears,
No wars,
Because, just happy stories following

A colourfull world,
None known,
In a yellow-light brown box
With the white sand
And the star
Blue, yellow, light brown, red
A colourfull world …

How lucky if you found it…
Isn’t it?

A world that will understand us
A world that will make our day beautiful

Why beautiful?
Don’t know…
Don’t know…
Don’t know…
Don’t know…
Don’t know…

Beautiful is relative
Who you choose
Why you do
Where you see
When you know
How you feel
It’s about heart,
In the deepest heart
Let your heart answer it
It never lies
It will show where the way to heaven is
To meet the true love
The Lord of the world …

–just a poem
For everyone in the world who cares the marine environment…
Keep our maritim, because a thousand living organism depend on their life in ocean…
Include this little crab


2 thoughts on “Little Crab

  1. hmm..little Crab wanna be the green one??..

    walaupun aq g pernah menemukan yg sprti itu, tapi aq bisa bayangin kok gimana lucunya jika ada kepiting kecil yang warnanya kaya gitu. hehe..

    tapi makasih banyak dech buat kepiting kecilq yang maniez ini..
    pangeran kepiting akan senantiasa memberikan sepertiga samudra ini padamu..hahaha.. tp ingat jangan nakal dan suka jahilin ikan2 dan hewan yg lain yach.. kasian kluarga ikan ntr. ntr klo kluarga ikan ampe marah bangsa kepiting akan dimakan ama kluarga ikan paus gimana?? hehe.. tapi tenang aja, bangsa ikan baik – baik kok..

    skali lagi makasih ya Non..

    • thanks for coming to my bLog…

      hehe,ada pangeran kepiting yang hidup di sebuah dunia maya dengan kepiting kecil…

      kalo akhirnya kepiting kecil nakal, suka jahilin ikan-ikan ituh, trus akhirnya dimakan ikan paus, ya palingan kepiting kecil jadi musnah dari muka bumi ini…

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